Assessment of Personal Goals (APG)

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You are sitting around at home with nothing in particular planned. You pick up your phone and see that you have a message inviting you to a party. It sounds like it's going to be a pretty wild party. Would you feel a desire to go?
You come across an article that describes the experience of feeling deeply or spiritually connected to people, nature, or a greater power. Would you be interested in reading this article?
You've been trying to figure out what's wrong with something for quite some time, and you've come up with a partial solution. Would you want to keep working on this problem until you've completely solved it?
Your social life has become quite hectic and complicated, with a lot of different people and activities to keep track of. Would it bother you if your social life remained this way?
Your romantic partner has just broken up with you. Would you feel a need to find someone who could provide you with emotional support and reassurance while you adjusted to this loss?
You and a neighbor are having a friendly debate about a specific fact, and you are pretty sure — but not certain — you are right. Would it bother you if there wasn't any way to find out if you were right?
You've recently developed a friendship with someone you interacted with at regular meetings of an organization you belong to. However, that person has dropped out of the organization and no longer attends those meetings. Would you want to try to come up with some other way of getting together with this person from time to time so you can maintain this friendship?
You're spending a free afternoon with a friend who teaches art at a local school. She's busy working on a project and tells you to feel free to use any of the classroom tools and materials if you want. Would you feel an urge to try to create something?
Lately you haven't had much chance to do the things that make you the happiest. Would it bother you if you were unable to change this situation for a few days?
You are playing your favorite game with some other people and winning big due to your superior skill at this game. Would it bother you if your opponents thought you were just lucky?

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