Assessment of Personal Goals (APG)

The Assessment of Personal Goals (APG)© is a validated measurement tool that was created at Stanford University over 30 years ago and further developed in recent years at George Mason University. The APG was designed to help you identify your core personal goals using the 24 universal goal themes in the Ford and Nichols Taxonomy of Human Goals. Identifying your core personal goals makes it possible to pinpoint sources of motivation, satisfaction, and life meaning, which in turn can reveal new pathways to personal and professional fulfillment.

Your Personal Goal Profile

Answering the APG questions in the pages that follow will provide you with a personal goal profile that will open a window into the most basic elements of your personality, thereby helping you make wise and rewarding choices in your life.


Each question describes an imaginary situation and then asks you to indicate how you would feel in that situation. To answer each question properly, you should take a few seconds to visualize yourself in the situation before deciding on an answer.

Keep in mind that the questions will not be asking what you would actually DO in each situation. They will only be asking how you would FEEL if you were in that particular situation. This means that there are no right or wrong answers. You are simply trying to gauge your honest reaction to a wide variety of events that you might encounter in your everyday life.

To get your APG results (i.e., your personal goal profile), you must answer all the APG questions. There are 12 APG question pages, each containing 10 APG questions. Click “Next” after answering all the questions on a page and you will automatically go to the next group of 10 APG questions. Click “Finish” on the last page to get your results.

Feel free to take as long as you want, however most people take around 20 – 30 minutes. Note that if you close your browser or leave this website before you click “Finish” on the last APG question page, your results will be lost and you will have to start over.

Are you ready to uncover your “implicit self” – your deep, enduring profile of core personal goals?